The STUDIO LES MONSTRES at the service of producers is a powerful production tool: the studio integrates the global production chain of a film, whether live action or animated images (2D, 3D, stop motion, motion design, rotoscoping, etc.) ), from the artistic direction, the story board, the designs, the realization, the post production, until the delivery.

The production of a film, at the time of animation, does not only happen on the set, it must be thought of at all the positions of the production chain to stay close to the original vision.

For each project, the STUDIO LES MONSTRES brings together a relevant team: designers, decorators, animators, chief operators, editors, etc. The choice of skills of each according to the project, is an integral part of its realization.

STARING THE LINE : music video by Felicien Colmet-Daage & Ludovic Versace