Animation, Branding


This Halloween, step into an alternate YSL Beauty universe… It’s the wildest night of the year, where anything and everything is possible… Prepare to own the night and win the ultimate beauty battle. Are you ready?

In the not so distant future, there’s no one more stylish or, infamous the world over. All eyes are on our heroine, DJ Betty, when she takes the stage. She commands the room, with a flick of the wrist, as she rocks the crowd into the night. Her challenger is on the horizon, about to cross the line. Trying to steal her object of desire…
He’s about to discover that this iconic DJ is even more daring than she seems…
Eyes rimmed in a crush of sequin, with jet black lashes that take it darker Betty is never one to back down from a competition. It’s on, it’s time to take it radical!

DJ Betty powers up, prepared to reboot for the night, It all goes down in the shadows.
She’s ready for the beauty battle! ​

Annonceur : YSL Beauty
Agence : Publicis Luxe
Production : Prodigious
Réalisateur : Clément Desnos
Design personnages : Jules Rigolle
BG artiste : Paul Régnier & Anne Raffin
Compositing : Philippe Valette

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