Direction : Nicolas Mongin

DoP : Paul Guilhaume
Assistant : Julien Hogert

CGI : Thomas Benazech et Florent Bossoutrot
Make up
FX : Stéphane Chauvet
Make up assistant : Emilie Baudry

BG : Delphine Ciavaldini

Colorgrading : Vincent Amor

Hair Stylist : Tatiana Sintridou

With : Clara de Gobert & Victor Laupin

Production : Helene Orjebin – Les Monstres
@ Théâtre de l’Athénée, Paris
Colorgrading @ Royal Post (c) Les Monstres 2018.

Who are we? What are we made of as women and men? Nicolas Mongin try to give an aesthetic and philosophical answer : women have the strong power to choose their life and to be whatever they want to be. Their bodies and minds content the whole universe. In black and white.


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